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Personal Data Collection and Act Agreement
According to the Personal Data Protection Act, the National Science and Technology Council (hereinafter as NSTC) issues its statement of personal data protection and collection agreement to notify you of your responsibilities and rights and solicit your consent to the collection, processing, and use of your personal data by NSTC. Your Agree below indicates that you have read, understood, and accepted the contents outlined in this agreement.
一、 Reasons for gathering information
    (一) Those who apply for various academic research subsidies of NSTC must provide basic personal information for academic review and academic subsidy awards.
    (二) Based on the public interest of promoting academic exchanges, NSTC collects, processes, and uses your personal data.
二、 Category of Personal data
    The types, periods, regions, objects, and methods of personal data collected, processed, and used by NSTC are as follows.
    (一) For identifying the individual(e.g.,Chinese and English name, national ID number, telephone number, mobile phone number, address, gender, place of birth, email address, bank account number and account name, other identification card numbers or electronic identification stamps)
     (二) Personal description(e.g.,Date of birth, nationality, personal photos, paper documents)
     (三) Social situation(e.g.,job,position,school attended, Working experience)
三、Handling and use of personal information
     (一) Period:Utilizing period is the period of preservation required for NSTC's business.
     (二) Region:Your personal data will be used in the field where NSTC provide related academic services.
     (三) Objects:Persons or agencies authorized by NSTC.
     (四) Way:The way of using are electronic files, paper, or using automated machines or other non-automated methods.
四、 Rights of the parties
      Unless otherwise provided by law or contract, in accordance with the Act, the person involved can inquire about the information or request to read it; they can ask for copies, and ask to cease the use and handling, and for deletion. The person involved can exercise the above rights by submitting a hard copy in writing with this request to the NSTC.
五、 Public access to information
      According to Article 7 Paragraph 9 of the Freedom of Government Information Law (FOGIL), except for those who restrict disclosure or refusal to provide in accordance with Article 18, subsidies should be voluntarily paid or accepted publicly. ( project name, approved amount, implementation period, performance report)
六、The rights impact of not providing personal information
       Unless otherwise provided by law, you are free to choose whether to provide your personal information, If you do not provide it, NSTC will not be able to provide you with relevant rights or services for the specific purpose of the above.
七、 Channels for you to exercise the rights of the parties
      When you want to exercise the above rights, you can apply to the reception desk of this department at any time. You can easily find the telephone number and e-mail address or NSTC mailing address (using written text) to contact us on our global information website (
八、The parties agree
      Your agreement on this document indicates that you have read, understood, and accepted its contents.